How to change the decor quickly and simply?

Each of us likes to change something around us occasionally. Nobody likes monotony, which just bores us in the long run. To slightly refresh the interior of our home or apartment, we usually refurnish, buy flowers or change decorations on shelves.

For many people such small changes may be insufficient. Sometimes, we dream about changing the appearance of the room. This change, however, involves the renovation of the entire room. Renovation is an expense that not everyone can afford. If we decide to renovate, we have to take days off from work to have time to paint walls and renovate the room. We must, of course, buy the necessary materials and supplies. After that we, of course, have to clean up the mess we made... Not everyone has the time, strength and willingness for it. Not to mention the funds.

What if it was possible to change the look of the room in an easy way? If we could create a new wall design without clutter in just a few minutes? Such a possibility is available and at our fingertips. We just have to use one of the removable wallpapers to change the look of the room in the blink of an eye.


Removable wall murals are a great solution to change the look of a room or even the whole apartment. We can also change the look of interior walls in a dressing room. We also can use it to surprise our friends or just to change the design for a particular occasion. We can stick them on the wall just for a moment, for example, to create a Christmas decoration or decorate the walls for a wedding. We can also use peel and stick wallpaper to permanently change the appearance of a room. Choosing a removable wallpaper with some darling pattern, we can also check how our room would look after hanging a permanent wallpaper.



The possibilities are endless and the style of design depends only on us. Today, made to measure and self sticky wall murals may include literally any design, thanks to which everyone can decorate their walls with a favorite image, in accordance with their taste. Peel and stick wallpapers are available in several sizes. In addition to dozens of floral, geometric, retro or simple drawings, the removable wallpaper can also be personalized.


As we have repeatedly mentioned both on the blog and in the descriptions of individual products, removable wallpapers are a universal method of decoration. We can successfully use them in any interior - living room, bedroom, children's room, or even kitchen or bathroom. Peel and stick wall murals are durable and safe to use. When they are destroyed for some reason, they can be easily replaced with new ones. Just tear off the old wallpaper from the wall and stick a new one in a few moments.

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